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Help keep CBS available to Christians-It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas Buttons
administrator | December 03, 2014 14:29

It's Okay to Say Merry Christma Buttons.
Be politically incorrect and wear "It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas" Buttons and at same time help support to continue hosting this blog site and also help Fairhaven House/There is Hope to help those struggling with addictions.

To learn more and to order go to

It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas Buttons
administrator | November 22, 2014 12:21

It's Okay to Say Merry Christma Buttons.

Please help support to continue hosting this blog site and also help Fairhaven House/There is Hope to help those struggling with addictions. Be politically incorrect and wear "It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas" Buttons.

To learn more and to order go to

Help Support CBS, Fairhaven House, There is Hope Radio, and acknowledge Jesus as Savior
administrator | November 19, 2014 06:22

We have a way you can help support ChristianBlogSites, Fairhaven House (our clean & sober housing program), There is Hope Radio, and let people know Christmas is about Jesus. Purchase It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas Buttons. Pricng is from .90 to $2 per button and includes shipping. When you purchase our buttons you are taking a stand for our Savior and you are helping ministries that reach out to those struggling with addictions and other issues. You are joining with us to Make a Difference.

We will be shipping out buttons priority mail at the end of November. Order your buttons now.

Status of ChristianBlogSites
administrator | November 12, 2014 11:13

What is the status of ChristianBlogSites?

We are still in existence. However, the last week has been very challenging. I, the founder and owner of ChristianBlogSites, had my laptop stolen. It was a $1,2,00 laptop with $2,000 of software on it. At the time it was stolen it was open so the thief had acess to everything on the laptop. Thankfully I realized it was stolen within the hour so I was able to prevent access to all my bank accounts, web info, etc. However, it was much work to protect everything. Plus I had limited email access for my various emaila accounts.

In the process the off-site server that hosts ChristianBlogSites was crashing plus I had changed all passwords to my websites, etc. So I had to work through all the glitches. Plus continue being a Senior Pastor of a church, Executive Director of a clean & sober housing & discipleship program, radio host for a radio show, and be a husband. So needless to say the last 10 days have been very challenging.

Anyways, sorry for CBS being out of commission for a few days. It is back and running, with a few challenges. So, if a page does not load, we are aware of it and working out any other bugs. Please be patient with us. Remember this is a a free service ($5 a year, which 90% do not ever pay for years). A service that costs me personally around $100 a month and I receive around $5 a month to cover this cost.

Richard D. Dover
CBS Founder and Owner 

Blocking Spam Comment Notifications
administrator | September 15, 2014 07:56
If you are receiving emails for notification of comments that are spam, there are several ways to stop this from happening.
1. Don't enable comments on your blog site-Go to Control Centre, choose Blog Settings, and make 'Enable Comments' is not checked.

2. Don't enable comments on certain posts-Go to the lower right column of any post and make sure 'Enable Comments' is not checked.

3. If you allow comments make sure you have Moderation turned on. That prevents any comments on your post are not made public unless you approve them-Go to Control Centre, Anti-Spam Management, and 'Moderate".

4. If you are going to allow comments but do not want to receive email notification (thus stopping all the notifications from spam comments) uncheck 'Notification of new comments'-Go to a post and on the lower right is 'Notification of new comments', uncheck it.  #
Reaching Muslims-Introduction
administrator | September 14, 2014 21:29
Reaching Muslims-Introduction
We are going to start a series on reaching Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reality is that it is going to be almost impossible to reach committed Jihadist Muslims. Not impossible but almost impossible. Most likely it is going to take a converted Muslim to reach them unless God supernaturally does something. So this series is going to be directed towards reaching those who are ‘moderate Muslims’.
 (More)  #
What About Halloween?
administrator | October 26, 2012 18:33
As a Christian what do you think about Halloween? Is it just an innocent holiday? Is it OK for Christians to celebrate Halloween? Is there anything evil about Halloween?

I am sure Christians have different viewpoints about Halloween. The question I have for Christians is how did you come up with your perspective on Halloween? Was it based upon how you were raised? Was it based upon feelings and emotions? Or was it based upon biblical principles. Does Halloween promote a positive, uplifting environment or an environment that encourages evil? Does the secular concept of Halloween glorify God?

Unless a person is sheltered from society, it is obvious that much of Halloween is focused on violence, death, horror, gore, fear, occult.
If a person says these themes are just for fun, they certainly have bought into a lie. How can a Christian say that the promoting of evil is fun? (More)  #

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